Luxury Yachts

Luxury yachts set the standard for choreographing itineraries and yachting vacations for discriminating clientele in some of the most amazing destinations today. We send our yacht experts across the world to attend shows, evaluate yachts, and interview captains and crews.

We hand pick our captains and crew members after a thorough assessment and intimation of their backgrounds, languages, and experiences. We own select choice vessels and hired professionals to recommend for our Yacht programs.

Are you looking for a quiet, romantic vacation for two, an exciting and eventful week for business associates on a working getaway? Look no further, our charter specialists will use all resources at their disposal to make your experience wonderful. If it is possible at all, be rest assured that we can do it

Options of Ownership


Charter, Fractional Ownership or Purchase: Which makes sense for you?

Often seen as the pinnacle of success and freedom, nothing compares to the pride of owning your own yacht. But before you begin your search, it is important to understand all available options related to private yacht ownership.

This information is to help you decide whether compare chartering, purchasing or fractional ownership is best for you.

Luxury Yacht Overview

When you buy a fractional jet share you are paying for part ownership of a specific plane. You will be allocated an amount of time in the aircraft. This usually ranges between 50 – 400 hours of flight time per year. The number of hours depends on the size of the share.

As our fractional jet programs have whole fleets of aircraft, you’re unlikely to be using “your” plane each time you fly.

At the end of the program’s term (usually five years), you may sell your  shares of the aircraft back to the us . This final sale price is dictated by the marketplace price for the aircraft. 

Fractional Shares

The operating time for a fractional plane is usually based on 800 hours a year, That means we expect our  aircraft to be flying for 800 hours each year. The smallest fraction is typically 1/16th equivalent to 50 flying hours per year. The other common ownership fractions are:

  • 1/8 = 100 hours
  • 1/4 = 200 hours
  • 1/2 = 400 hours

Is it for me?

Buying a share is typically a 5 year commitment, sometimes with shorter periods available, so if you expect your travel needs to vary significantly over this period it may make sense to look at our other options.


The costs involved in fractional jet ownership can be broken down into four categories.

  • Initial capital fee, or acquisition cost, which varies based on the type of plane and the size of share you buy. A share in a light jet would start at about $350,000 for 1/16th.
  • Monthly maintenance fee, an amount that includes the pilot’s salary, insurance, maintenance and the cost of keeping the plane in a hangar.
  • Occupied hourly fee, which covers fuel, maintenance and in-flight catering whilst you’re onboard the jet.
  • Miscellaneous, includes fuel surcharges.

The initial costs can vary from a few hundred thousand dollars for a 1/16th share in a small jet, to several million dollars for a 1/4 share in a large business jet. The costs are split in a linear fashion, so 1/8 is twice as much as two 1/16’s, with no real discount for buying larger shares.


There are several alternatives to fractional jet ownership, these include:

  • Outright Ownership
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Fly cards
  • Open fleet charter cards and/or membership
  • Aircraft charter

Our Luxury Jet Advantage

Program Aircraft Guarantee

If you fly on a non-Luxury aircraft for more than five percent of your utilized hours, those hours will be credited back to your annual allocated hours for the following year.

Multiple Aircraft Use

Depending on your ownership level, you may use up to five aircraft in one day. Multiple-use benefits are based on the total number of share hours you own rather than share size within a single aircraft.

Fractional Jet Lease


Exceptional benefits. Unmatched flexibility.

LEASE A Jet! In Europe leasing, a jet is very common. This model has been shunned by many banks and financiers. Until Now! Similar to leasing a car we are exclusively offering our unique leasing of Jet, Yachts or Cars program.


Our flexi-lease was designed for moments when options are important and flexibility is necessary. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, our aircraft leasing program offers the advantages of purchasing a jet share, without owning the entire jet.

Our flexi-lease jet leasing options start at 50 annual hours. Similar to fractional ownership, you have access to our closed fleet through our interchange program.

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