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Welcome to Luxury property real estate sales, purchase and investment. Luxury offers different investment opportunities to both private and institutional investors in our projects.

Real Estate Fund Experience
Luxury- Properties knows the importance of trusts when it comes to investment funds. Whoever entrusts his money to others needs the assurance that their money is in good hands. To address this issue, Luxury property investments are made very transparent and publicly declared as required by law of organizations such Luxury Luxury properties .


Luxury provides national and international institutional investors with professional investment advice, tailored fund products and an extensive range of services from a single source.


Luxury specialists possess a broad range of expertise in advising institutional customers in matters regarding professional portfolio management and transaction process implementation.



The company’s scope of services ranges from leveraging strategic and operational potential from individual properties all the way through to complete portfolios, as well as managing residential and commercial development projects from project planning and construction right
through to eventual sale.
Structuring and managing fund products in a way tailored to each customer is one of the specialties of Luxury properties. Investors who are looking for advice and proactive handling of their investments are in good hands with Luxury.

The experienced consulting company can provide expertise in fund-selling, administration and risk management. Regulated fund products are sold via the company’s own platforms in accordance with the UK or USA law.

Real Estate Overview

Private Investment in Properties

Individuals are also afforded investment opportunities in several of our projects either by means of purchase of homes, offices or other properties or by the means of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP).


Our success factors at a glance Luxury continues to enjoy a very good reputation, especially with regard to investments in PPP. It stands, amongst other things, for seriousness and solidity – qualities that are of great importance to an investor.

A Unique Investment Opportunity-Fractional Ownership
As part of our unique offering to private investors or first-time home owners or investors, we also offer fractional ownership in buying shares in our properties or participating in projects as partners. 


Enjoy potential passive income, tax benefits and appreciation of construction projects, mining projects and rental properties
fully managed by Luxury
Property investment: You invest in an individual home by purchasing an interest that represents your investment in the home.
Fractional ownership: Shares are offered in select properties representing 1/10th of the home’s equity, resulting in lower investment levels and lower cost of diversification.
Economic rights: Investors receive the economic rights in the underlying projects, including potential net rental/earning income (after expenses), tax benefits, and appreciation.
Alignment: Luxury retains a minimum 10% ownership interest in each fractional projects for the first year. In short, we partner with you so you can invest with confidence.
Fully passive: Luxury includes professional, in-house property and asset management, so investors are freed from time-consuming tasks and decisions.
Liquidity: After an initial 6-month holding period, Luxury offers investors liquidity options that include converting to traditional ownership and possible share redemption.

Lease-to- Own
Luxury offers investors or home buyers our unique lease-to-own options. There are two types of leases that we offer. Lease-Option Vs. Lease-Purchase. There are two different types of leases in a rent-to-own options: lease-option and lease-purchase.

Lease-option gives you the choice to buy the home or not by the end of the lease. You’re not legally required to purchase the home; however, if you choose not to purchase the home, you’ll forfeit any money you paid toward the purchase during your lease.

Lease-purchase means you’re legally obligated to buy the home by the end of the lease. Before signing the rent-to-own agreement or lease, have a real estate attorney review the contract and explain it to you. It is important to understand the terms of your contract before signing it. 


You’ll also want to speak to a lender to makesure you understand what you’ll need to qualify for a loan when it’s time to
purchase the home.

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