Luxury Fractional Services

Welcome to our Luxury Fractional services. We offer owners of our luxury fractional property the opportunity to buy a share of a single residence that provides them with a couple of weeks to thirteen weeks of usage a year. The ownership period can be expressed as a fraction, for example 1/10, 1/8, or ¼ or as a number of weeks e.g. 5, 6 or 12 weeks.

Private Residence Clubs are the upper tier of the luxury fractional market, providing all the services of a five star hotel together with the ownership.

Luxury Fractional Services

A major impact of the pandemic is the sending of commercial aviation into total lockdown, outright bans and travel restrictions which has resulted in putting movement across the world on hold

We at Luxury- properties provide you not only the means of travelling by air, land and see, we also offer you our residential clubs, destination clubs and service apartment services to give you the comfort of getting all your trusted services from your trusted partners.

Owning an entire plane may not be affordable for many but that is no reason to be able to enjoy our Luxury flights. We have different programs that put flying in our luxury jets within reach.

Welcome to Luxury properties where we make you feel like Alice in wonderland. Our mission is to make your dream properties a reality!! Take a minute and dive into the offers that we have; indulge yourself in our luxury life style offers. Rest assured, you have never received an offer like this before, and yes, it is true!! We are real and all our deals are too.  Life is richer when we combine and connect services and people, Luxury property is a testimony!!

Fractional Services Overview

When you buy a fractional jet share you are paying for part ownership of a specific plane. You will be allocated an amount of time in the aircraft. This usually ranges between 50 – 400 hours of flight time per year. The number of hours depends on the size of the share.

As our fractional jet programs have whole fleets of aircraft, you’re unlikely to be using “your” plane each time you fly.

At the end of the program’s term (usually five years), you may sell your  shares of the aircraft back to the us . This final sale price is dictated by the marketplace price for the aircraft. 

Fractional Shares

The operating time for a fractional plane is usually based on 800 hours a year, That means we expect our  aircraft to be flying for 800 hours each year. The smallest fraction is typically 1/16th equivalent to 50 flying hours per year. The other common ownership fractions are:

  • 1/8 = 100 hours
  • 1/4 = 200 hours
  • 1/2 = 400 hours

Is it for me?

Buying a share is typically a 5 year commitment, sometimes with shorter periods available, so if you expect your travel needs to vary significantly over this period it may make sense to look at our other options.


The costs involved in fractional jet ownership can be broken down into four categories.

  • Initial capital fee, or acquisition cost, which varies based on the type of plane and the size of share you buy. A share in a light jet would start at about $350,000 for 1/16th.
  • Monthly maintenance fee, an amount that includes the pilot’s salary, insurance, maintenance and the cost of keeping the plane in a hangar.
  • Occupied hourly fee, which covers fuel, maintenance and in-flight catering whilst you’re onboard the jet.
  • Miscellaneous, includes fuel surcharges.

The initial costs can vary from a few hundred thousand dollars for a 1/16th share in a small jet, to several million dollars for a 1/4 share in a large business jet. The costs are split in a linear fashion, so 1/8 is twice as much as two 1/16’s, with no real discount for buying larger shares.

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